Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update Your Bookmarks!

At long last, Lost in America is master of its domain.

That's right, we've moved on up to the East Side - the new address is  The old link will redirect, but why would you want to go to that run-down address when we have this fancy new house?

There may be a few glitches with gadgets and such - please let me know if they arise.  Otherwise, my hope is that things will be smooth.  Welcome to the new place!


  1. two letters can sure make a difference,it makes a whole lot more sense than lostanime ;)

  2. Weird? Is some of the anime missing? Did you ever blog Mayo Chiki?

  3. I watched a couple eps because Divine recommended it, and they aren't bad. But I never blogged it.

    Do you see anything else missing?

  4. @ENZO

    Nothing, it seem my memories is playing joke with me, I thought I've been following Mayo Chiki in your blog. Bah! Ignore me.