Thursday, November 24, 2011

Poll - Complete This Sentence: Chihaya x..."

Complete this sentence: "Chihaya x..."

Finishing order: Taichi winning comfortably, and Arata edging out Karuta for second place. Poor Harada-sensei finishes a distant fourth... It didn't surprise me to see Taichi come out on top, though the margin did. I was surprised to see "Karuta" fare as well as it did. I like all of them and I suspect we're not going to get a romance ending anyway...


  1. Aww I completely missed this poll (for some reason it didn't come up on my RSS feeder).

    Well I would have voted for Taichi at this point and he won anyways so I guess it doesn't matter.

    Although I expect the anime will have a Karuta ending. The manga might be a different story.

  2. I didn't vote because there was no Kana-chan options.

  3. Can't recall if the manga is on-going or not since the translations are really ( and I mean REALLY) slow to come out. But if it is done I hope we do get to see at least a little romance in the ending of the anime *crosses fingers* I love the role karuta plays for all the characters, but it's no substitute for some good old fashioned shipping LOL!

    I was happy to see Taichi win, honestly though I wouldn't mind seeing her with Arata either. I just can't bring myself to choose btwn them *sighs*