Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's Another Podcast

I participated in the RC Mid-Summer podcast this weekend, so please stop by and give it a listen. I'm the one who keeps mentioning Jinrui...


  1. *starry shoujo eyes*
    Very well, also because this time otherwise I'm only following 1 series among the official topics ones :p.
    On the other hand, I might end compelled me to listen to the whole podcast just to get'em all Jinrui tidbits.
    You sir are a sneaky one.

    Ot: Showa Monogatari files recovery completed. Yay.

  2. Post listening - I skipped SAO. I just can't muster enough interest about it for 20 minutes - :
    Ha! Breast jokes. You men you XD
    I won't praise you Enzo. More than usual that is :p. But good job recommending Ginga E Kickoff at the end. You win an ice cream. Even in phallic cone format if you wish. Pick a size, it's on the house.

  3. Guardian Enzo. Bringing his moral crusade on "male treatment in modern anime" into RandomRC. :D

  4. AS can try and censor me, but RC hasn't yet.

    1. Well AS tends to lock threads if it gets too heated... which is a shame but w/e :3.

    2. Especially if heated is a synonym for "I disagree with the moderator".

    3. Aw Enzo *patpat*.
      Talking by experience, being a forum moderator can be pretty hard in a 'damned if you do, damned if you don't ' sense. Sometimes you have just to assume and trust you're acting for the best based on the forum history... even if it means excess of caution - especially with 'good' members involved - . Even if you might agree with that very comment/member and would pretty much give him/her the chance to go forward in a certain direction: screw the caution, that's substantial stuff brought on the debate platter!
      But this way you as a mod create a precedent with your oh-so-subjective judgement. And that to some members can and will seem unforgivable bias and a reason to screw rules themselves.
      Very non-PC disclosure: some members can in fact afford breaking the rules and are up to the challenge of when what how and why. But mods can't let it show nor happen ( being rules enforcers and guardians can suck balls even at such a relatively light level ^^; ).
      That said, I too had read those comments n ASuki and imho those didn't seem to warrant a moderating action. Not yet at least :p, as at that point the conversation could have gone on in any direction really (in inner mod-sense terms I wasn't tingling, could we say X,D). Posts were both pertinent and relevant later on. But again, it was a 50/50 gamble and intuition dilemma from a mod's POV.
      To sum up this very long-winded comment: while as a mod I would have acted differently myself, I can see where both of you are coming from. As a reader, I'm pretty glad you made those 'unruly' posts and sparked a broader debate. I have a soft spot for thoughtful arguments and comparisons supported by adequate vocabulary, clarity of thought and good spelling/grammar :p.